Event Portfolio Management – The Case of Higher Education Institutions

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Events are an important part of many institutions’ communication efforts (Jago et al., 2003), which are used to foster relationships with their stakeholders and serve to portray the institutions’ brand message (Andersson and Getz, 2008; Dees et al., 2006). In HEIs’ marketing mix in particular, events have an outstanding role. HEIs have a very complex structure, and the high number of stakeholders (e.g., students, researchers, lecturers, research partners, sponsors, society as a whole) usually consist of different departments, and an additional number of members of the HEI, such as students, associated institutions or centers, can potentially host events in connection to the institution that are open to various stakeholders of the HEI (Wæraas and Solbakk, 2009).


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