The mathematizing concept of measure

  • Christian BüscherEmail author
Part of the Dortmunder Beiträge zur Entwicklung und Erforschung des Mathematikunterrichts book series (DBEEM, volume 37)


During the specification of mathematizing and reflective goals in Chapter  2, the development of the mathematizing concept of measure emerged as a mathematizing goal of mathematical literacy in statistics. It was also proposed that this concept is in need of a thorough conceptualization, so that the learning content of a corresponding teaching-learning arrangement can be specified. This chapter argues that the mathematizing concept of measure is indeed in need of a conceptualization (Section 3.1.1), and then proposes such (Section 3.1.2). The conceptualization provides a framework that allows to further specify learning goals as well as to describe the starting points of learners’ reasoning (Section 3.2).


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