National culture and organizational culture in Japan

  • Kai Oliver ThieleEmail author
Part of the Betriebswirtschaftliche Forschung zur Unternehmensführung book series (BFUDUV, volume 64)


In academic literature (e.g., Bebenroth, 2015; Boulgarides & Oh, 1985; Child, Faulkner, & Pitkethly, 2001; Froese & Goeritz, 2007; Haghirian, 2016; Herbes & Vaubel, 2007; Ishizumi, 1988; Schaede, 2008), practitioner publications (e.g., Boston Consulting Group, 2010; Roland Berger, 2009), and media alike (e.g., Flannery, 2011; Iwamoto, Kawano, & Clenfield, 2012; Meyer, 2014; Miller, 2013; Smith, 2014) it is often highlighted that the Japanese business environment differs from its western counterparts in various aspects.


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