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The production planning and control method Conwip is firstly mentioned in Spearman et al. (1990) and has gained since then significant research interest; see (Framinan et al., 2003) for a review. Analytical studies discussing the behaviour of Conwip are usually linked to MTS systems or they neglect the distinction between MTO and MTS since only throughput, WIP and production lead time are focused (Spearman et al., 1990; Duenyas et al., 1993; Tardif and Maaseidvaag, 2001; Gershwin and Werner, 2007). For analysing the behaviour of Conwip for more complex production systems, a set of simulation studies is already available either discussing MTS or also MTO environments (Hopp and Roof, 1998; Huang et al., 1998b; Framinan et al., 2000, 2006; Yang et al., 2007; Jodlbauer and Huber, 2008; Hübl et al., 2011).


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