Categorization and Review of Unit Price Research

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Unit pricing first became of interest in the late 1960s, after a number of unsuccessful attempts to ease price-based comparisons for consumers by adjusting packaging legislation (Padberg, 1977, p. 6). The unit price, as the price for a standard unit of measurement, enables consumers to compare prices of products sold in different packages and sizes. In this way, the unit price offers transparent and precise information about retail prices and allows the consumer to judge the “real value for money” (Snijders et al., 2004, p. 15) at the point of purchase. The mandatory indication of pricing information as well as product and nutrition information can be seen as a program of “Societal Sovereignty” (Padberg, 1977, p. 12). Wherever producers or retailers act irresponsible in regard to pricing or product characteristics, information about this malpractice is available to consumer groups, and producers or retailers can be made accountable for their actions.


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