Summary and Outlook

  • Frank Neumann


One of the major obstacles for the preparation of the present thesis arose from the “Babylonian confusion” on knowledge related terms (e.g. tacit, implicit, explicit, declarative, procedural knowledge). Often, these terms coexist in different areas of science with slightly different or even largely diverging meanings. As shown for the case of implicit knowledge in the context of information science, there is no consistent perception of this term in just one of the many scientific fields. Foremost, the present thesis had therefore to establish a consistent and coherent terminology for the concepts of data, information, knowledge encountered in humans and information systems that covers the scientific fields of cognitive psychology, information science, theories on organizational knowledge creation, design cognition, and interdisciplinary product development. The adoption of the model of organizational knowledge creation (Nonaka and Takeuchi 1995) implied a focusing on tacit and explicit knowledge, where explicit knowledge is considered synonymous to declarative knowledge as well as tacit knowledge synonymous to procedural knowledge.


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