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The multilevel business artifact (MBA) allows for the artifact-centric representation of business processes at multiple levels of abstraction. Relying on a UML formalization, Chapters 4 and 5 as well as previous work [111, 114] focus on the conceptual modeling aspects of MBAs. Yet, the (semi-)automated MBA-based execution of artifact-centric business processes requires a suitable logical representation of conceptual MBA models. Many business process modeling languages are represented in or have a standardized serialization format based upon XML, for example, BPMN [89], WS-BPEL [84], and ActiveXML [7]. Therefore, when using an XML-based representation format for MBAs, an XML database may store MBAs without the need for developing a separate logical representation format for life cycle models as would be the case when storing MBAs in a relational database, for example. Moreover, due to its semi-structured nature, XML allows for a flexible handling of heterogeneities in the data model and is thus well-suited for the representation of hetero-homogeneous models.


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