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Cloud Deployments: Is this the End of N-Tier Architectures?

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Current Architectural Patterns (APs) outline good security practice. However such patterns are often generic and whilst useful at a reference level often relate to obsolete technologies, are static in nature and limited in scalability. Newer dynamic computer, network and storage virtualisation methods are in use both within data centres and wider cloud infrastructures. They rely on solutions such as Software Defined Networking (SDN), Network Functional Virtualisation (NFV), the dynamic movement of Virtual Machines (VMs) and hybrid cloud mechanisms combined with e-identity and trust services; methods that are not reflected within current N-Tier architectures and render static models redundant. This paper outlines the tools and methods involved in the management of such technologies and covers possible methods and checklists for their management that correspond to these more agile, lightweight and dynamic deployments.


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