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Based on an evaluation of literature and the analysis of case studies performed in different European countries, this publication provides a systematising picture of innovation processes in the field of social services. The first part of the book is conceived as an overview study and in the second part selected case studies are presented. The intention to give an overview results in a form of presentation that largely goes without providing details about the individual projects. Therefore, the readers of this publication are recommended to watch the visual essays connected with the case studies. The short five-minute films are an essential part of this book and provide insights into the commitment and the enthusiasm of the people who make innovations possible but also into the great challenges they must face. In contrast to short textual explanations or statistical data, the existing differences in a variety of contexts, for example as regards child day care and the equipment of child day care facilities in North European metropolitan areas as compared to peripheral rural regions in Southeastern Europe, can be better illustrated by means of filmic presentations.

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