Résultats du Dépouillement des Mesures Laser en Géodésie Semi-Dynamique

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Part of the COSPAR-IAU-IAG/IUGG-IUTAM book series (IUTAM)


The topic of this paper is to give a survey of the methods used in Space Geodesy (non-geometrical geodesy) with 3 stations located around the Mediterranean Sea when accurate tracking data such as Laser or Doppler measurements are available.

By using the best value of the perturbations, we can determine the dimensions of the triangle, its location with regards to the center of masses and its orientation.

Here enclosed are the first results obtained by elementary processes of Laser measurements on Dl-D. These measurements were made on the 8, 9 and 10 of May 1967.


Space Geodesy Expression Admises Nombre Total Instant Origine Covariance Associee 
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