Electron Microscopy of Normal Synovial Membrane

  • D. V. Davies
  • A. J. Palfrey


The structure of normal synovial membrane as seen under the electron microscope is reported for human material by Barland, Novikoff and Hamerman (1962) and for rabbit synovial membrane by Hyde (1964). It has also been studied in the guinea-pig by Wyllie, More and Haust (1964), whilst Langer and Huth (1960) report its structure in calf, dog and guinea-pig. All these observations have been made on material fixed with osmic acid. The more recently introduced aldehyde fixatives have the great advantage that they do not inactivate all the cell enzymes, but some differences in morphology have been reported in other tissues (Sabatini, Bensch and Barrnett, 1962 and 1963; Palfrey and Davies, 1966). This paper reports the appearances of normal rabbit synovial membrane after fixation with glutaraldehyde.


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