Basic Macro Comparison

  • Kerstin Cuhls
  • Terutaka Kuwahara
Part of the Technology, Innovation and Policy book series (3217, volume 1)


In this chapter, the degree of the respondents’ knowledge and of importance, the expected time of realization, the degree of the statement’s precision, the necessity of international co-operation, the current level of research and development and the stated constraints on the realization of the specific technology are compared, all of which were asked for in the Japanese as well as in the German Delphi survey. In the first figure, a comparison is made between Japan and Germany for all topics (“AH”) and the 16 technological areas. In the second, all questions in the order of their innovation or development phase (Elucidation, Development, Practical Use, Widespread Use) are compared.


Index Point Importance Rating Cost Constraint Institutional Constraint Technical Constraint 
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