Vitamin A (Retinol)

  • Gerd Plewig
  • Albert M. Kligman


Vitamin A is readily available anywhere around the corner: drug stores, supermarkets, health shops, pharmacies and, of course, all without a prescription. Many laymen think retinol has multiple benefits in promoting health. Vitamin A (retinol) was formerly extolled as a remedy for acne. It is still praised by some, and still used widely as a supplementary agent to other therapies. At least half a dozen multiple-combination drugs are registered alone in Germany for the treatment of acne, containing between 10000 and 50000 IU of retinol palmitate per dose, often in combination with other vitamins and assorted nutrients. Studies have shown that the amount of oral vitamin A that produces significant therapeutic effect is of the order of 300000–400000 IU units a day.


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