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Breast cancer is now the chief cause of death for women in many countries. The mortality figures range from 25–30 per 100000 in Great Britain, Denmark, the Netherlands, USA and Canada to 3–4 per 100 000 in Japan and Venezuela. In the majority of countries the slow but steady rise in mortality from breast cancer appears to be due largely to the increase in the average length of life, for when age-adjusted data are compared, the rise disappears. The mortality from breast cancer attains rates as high as 120–150 per 100 000 in some areas whereas in others, such as Mozambique and Caucasian Russia, it does not exceed 10 per 100000. The incidence in males is about 1% the rate for females. Breast cancer, rare under the age of 25 years, increases steadily in frequency with age, reaching its peak in old age.


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