Child and adolescent psychiatry in Russia

  • A. A. Severny
  • Y. S. Shevchenko
  • B. A. Kazakovtsev
  • L. V. Kim
Conference paper


Apparently, in Russia, “child and adolescent psychiatry” does not have a normative definition in official documents. As child/adolescent psychiatric care is a part of general psychiatric service, it is meant that child and adolescent psychiatry is psychiatry which applies to the appointed age — child (0–14) and adolescent (15–17) — according to official age framework. The point is that the Ministry of Health does not issue normative acts especially for child psychiatry, and nongovernmental professional organizations do not have the authority to establish these. To obtain the right to work as a child or adolescent psychiatrist, it is enough for any child physician to complete the 4-month course of appropriate specialization (see below). Since the Ministry of Health eliminated in 1995 the specialty of child and adolescent psychiatry from the official list of medical professions, it is not possible to reflect this specialization in labor documents.


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  • A. A. Severny
  • Y. S. Shevchenko
  • B. A. Kazakovtsev
  • L. V. Kim

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