Simulation of Individual Behaviour

  • E. J. Swart
  • P. J. Plath
Conference paper
Part of the Beiträge zur Graphischen Datenverarbeitung book series (GRAPHISCHEN)


It is becoming more and more apparent that social systems — especially human social systems — can be described by deterministic models [BAC90, BAK91, GAL89, WEH90]. There are examples of quite different types: technological and economic systems [SIL88, BAU89, EBE91, JIM80], behaviour in road traffic [KUE84] and also the global behaviour of people in states [LUH87, WEH90]. It is crucial that these deterministic models are based on average or expectation values of a large number of elementary entities. Within the scope of this view deviations from these values should be understood as fluctuations. In critical situations such fluctuations are, of course, able to affect the whole system and possibly to provide it with a new structure. Such fluctuations, however, are incompatible with a purely deterministic view. Fluctuations are random events and can therefore only be described probabilistically.


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  • E. J. Swart
    • 1
  • P. J. Plath
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  1. 1.Universität BremenBremenGermany

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