Glycolytic Rate and Histologic Grade of Human Cerebral Gliomas: A Study with [18F]Fluorodeoxyglucose and Positron Emission Tomography

  • G. DiChiro
  • R. A. Brooks
  • L. Sokoloff
  • N. J. Patronas
  • R. L. DeLaPaz
  • B. H. Smith
  • P. L. Kornblith


The spectrum of malignancy in cerebral gliomas is quite vast, from slow-growing, relatively benign lesions (e. g., astrocytoma grade I and certain oligodendrogliomas) to highly malignant tumors characterized by a fast growth rate (e. g., astrocytoma grade IV and glioblastoma multiforme) (Kernohan and Sayre 1952). In a number of cases the preoperative recognition of the various types of cerebral gliomas represents a diagnostic challenge. Among the neuro-radiological techniques, cerebral angiography and particularly transmission X-ray computed tomography (CT) provide substantial information in this area (Tchang et al. 1977; Joyce et al. 1978). Difficulties are encountered, however, even with CT, which may be inconclusive in the detection of the early tumor and in the discrimination of neoplastic tissue from edema (Kendall et al. 1979; Lilja et al. 1981). Discrepancy between histology and the preoperative CT diagnosis is frequent (Lilja et al. 1981). Finally, the assessment of tumor recurrence following surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy may be a formidable task. Quite often we are not able to ascertain if the tumor is recurring and/or if the histological type of the lesion has changed.


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  • G. DiChiro
  • R. A. Brooks
  • L. Sokoloff
  • N. J. Patronas
  • R. L. DeLaPaz
  • B. H. Smith
  • P. L. Kornblith

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