Biochemical Principles for the Measurement of Metabolic Rates in Vivo

  • L. Sokoloff
  • C. Smith


Positron emission tomography provides the opportunity to assay the rates of biochemical processes in tissues in man. It does not, however, obviate the need to adhere to established principles of chemical and enzyme kinetics and tracer theory. A chemical reaction is the conversion of one species of molecule to another. The rate of this reaction can be measured by determining the rate of disappearance of one or more of the reactants or the formation of one or more of the products. The addition of a radioactive label to one of the reactants in molecular concentrations too negligible to alter the kinetics of the reaction facilitates the measurement of either the reactants or the products, but it introduces new complications. The rate of chemical transformation of the labeled species is measured, but this is not the rate of the total reaction including the nonradioactive species, which is the reaction to be measured.


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