Sarcoma of the Breast

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Nonepithelial cancers or sarcomas of the breast have a special place in the breast cancer clinic. They are rare and have biologic characteristics that differ from the carcinomas and also from the cystosarcomas by the absence of epithelial components. These sarcomas originate in the connective tissue of the breast, especially in the periductal, interlobular, and intralobular fibrous stroma. Basically these tumors are similar to soft tissue extra-mammary sarcomas, but with a tendency to form heterologous elements such as bone, cartilage, muscle, and fat. Clinically true sarcomatous lesions of the breast are characterized by a rather large volume and a peculiar clinical behavior. A long duration prior to a period of rapid growth is also frequently associated with a diagnosis of sarcoma. The incidence of metastasis to lymph nodes, which usually occurs at a late stage, is approximately 3%–4% (Roberson, 1973; Adair and Herrmann, 1946). Their metastatic capacity is difficult to predict but is predominantly hematogenous.


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