Purified Monoacylglycerol Hydrolase from Human Post-Heparin Plasma: Characteristics and Role in the Reaction Catalyzed by Lipoprotein Lipase

  • Akio Noma
Conference paper


Postheparin plasma has been shown to contain lipoprotein lipase, hepatic triacyl-glycerol lipase, monoacylglycerol hydrolase, phospholipase, and so on. On the basis of several criteria, these enzymes are considered to be different from one another. In order to clarify the detailed properties of these enzymes, it is necessary to purify the enzyme from others. Along this line, recent work in our laboratory has yielded a partial purification of monoacylglycerol hydrolase from human postheparin plasma (Noma and Kita, 1976).


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