Unexplained Variability in Extent of Atherosclerosis in Homogeneous Human Populations

  • Jack P. Strong
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The workshop topic, atherosclerosis without major risk factors, suggests concern for environmental or genetically determined variables other than the accepted major risk factors that might cause or accelerate the development of atherosclerosis and its sequelae. At a workshop on the epidemiology of atherosclerosis (Strong, 1976) earlier in this Fourth International Symposium, the relationship of atherosclerotic lesions and risk factors was discussed in detail. Most of that workshops reports confirmed the associations between the major risk factors (elevated serum cholesterol levels, elevated blood pressure levels, and cigarette smoking) and the extent of mural atherosclerotic lesions in the coronary arteries and/or aorta. Significant associations were also reported for several other suspected risk factors for coronary heart disease. Even after these putative risk factors are considered, much of the variation in atherosclerosis in human subjects undergoing autopsy will undoubtedly remain unexplained.


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