Inhibition of Lipid Synthesis by Sulfated Glycans in Cultured Aortic Cells

  • K. Murata
Conference paper


The preventative effects of certain sulfated glycans on experimental lipemia and atherosclerosis have been reported in cholesterol-fed rabbits (Murata, 1962a, 1962b; Murata et al., 1969). These sulfated glycans possess not only potential anticoagulant properties but also antilipemic functions, having a similar mechanism as shown by heparin (Murata, 1962b). The present paper reports an effect of sulfated glycans on lipid synthesis in cultured aortic cells under various conditions. The application of the sulfated glycans such as charonin sulfate and chon-droitin polysulfate resulted in the reduction of 14C-acetate incorporation into lipid fractions in the aortic monolayer culture system.


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