Fruehwarnsystem zur Erkennung Gefaehrlich Exothermer Reaktionen in der Chemie

  • F. Casadei
Conference paper
Part of the Fachberichte Messen · Steuern · Regeln book series (FACHBERICHTE, volume 1)

Early Warning System for Dangerous Exothermic Reactions in the Chemical Industries


First results of an apparatus capable to recognize dangerous exothermic reactions in the chemical industries are presented. The detection principle consists of calculating the first and the second derivatives of two measured temperature functions and comparing them to two fixed discrimination levels, near zero. Exceeding these levels indicates a potentially dangerous situation.

The apparatus is build around a microcomputersystem, with its programm stored in 2.5 k byte of ROM. The method is applicable to different vessel sizes without the necessity to readjust any parameters.


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  • F. Casadei
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  1. 1.Sandoz AGBaselSwitzerland

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