Regional Balanced Growth in Italy and the Increase in Oil Prices

  • Murray Brown
  • Maurizio Di Palma
  • Umberto Triulzi
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems book series (LNE, volume 126)


The recent rise in fuel prices has had many diverse consequences both for the world economy and for domestic economies. Notwithstanding the fact that aggregate demands have been affected and that major attention is currently being focused on the inflationary and employment difficulties experienced by many economies, it is worth while to enquire into the effect that the oil price rise may have on regional development within an economy. The purpose of the present paper is precisely that, namely, to determine whether the oil price rise, itself, is a balancing or disequilibrating factor in regional development. Specifically, we put this question to the Italian economy in the reference period, 1951 to 1974. Certainly, the accentuated development of the Italian economy over the last twenty years has not been accompanied by a balance in economic differences within the regions and the sectors. The regional and sectoral differences which characterised the Italian economy during the 1950’s are still present and in some cases even more pronounced.


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  • Murray Brown
  • Maurizio Di Palma
  • Umberto Triulzi

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