The nature of the erythrocyte defect and the haemolytic mechanism in hereditary spherocytosis and hereditary nonspherocytic haemolytic anaemia

  • T. A. J. Prankerd
Part of the Freiburger Symposion an der Medizinischen Universitäts-Klinik book series (FREIBURGER, volume 7)


Crosstransfusion experiments have shown that in the group of haemolytic anaemias which appear to be congenital the defect causing haemolysis resides in the cell. It is my purpose to consider what we know of defects in red cells which may be transmitted within families and lead to premature red cell destruction, leaving aside the disorders due to chemical abnormalities in haemoglobin structure. The anaemias, therefore, with which I shall be concerned are those usually known as the hereditary spherocytic and nonspherocytic anaemias.


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