ProtoVIEW : a workstation for the use of clinical algorithms

  • P F H M van Dessel
  • A Hasman
  • C J van der Linden
Part of the Lecture Notes in Medical Informatics book series (LNMED, volume 45)


In this paper a prototype of a clinical protocol supporting information system called ProtoVIEW is described. The system was evaluated in a non-clinical setting by 13 surgeons. Although many issues concerning protocol presentation and retrieval still have to be resolved, it is concluded that a computerized protocol management system can be of use for surgeons in clinical practice.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • P F H M van Dessel
    • 1
  • A Hasman
    • 1
  • C J van der Linden
    • 2
  1. 1.Dpt of Medical Informatics and StatisticsUniversity of LimburgMaastrichtthe Netherlands
  2. 2.Surgical DepartmentMaastricht University HospitalMaastrichtNetherlands

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