Thin Film Electroluminescent Phosphors for Patterned Full-Color Displays

  • R. T. Tuenge
Conference paper
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Although there has been a strong interest in color EL flat panels, the first report of a full-color TFEL matrix display panel has only recently appeared [1]. This panel utilized a patterned phosphor structural approach. Advantages of the patterned side-by-side structure over the stacked approach that has been previously reported [2] include better reliability and need for only a single substrate. The design and performance of a matrix addressed 320 (x3) × 240 full-color display panel was recently described [3]. Although this report clearly demonstrates the viability of the patterned approach for fabricating high quality full-color TFEL displays, further improvement is still needed. The average panel “white” luminance reported was only 1.72 fL. The efficiency and chromaticity of the blue phosphor were the main limitations to achieving better performance.


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