Epidemiologic Models of Bacterial Diseases

  • B. Cvjetanović
Conference paper
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The author reviewed epidemiological models of major bacterial diseases — tetanus, typhoid, cholera, cerebrospinal meningitis, diphtheria and pertussis — which have been fully described1. These models have been constructed with the practical purpose to enable the study of public health interventions, such as immunization on the natural course of the infection.


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  1. Cvjetanovic,B., Grab,B. and Uemura,K. Dynamics of Bacterial Diseases, Epidemiological Models and their Use in Public Health. Bull. Wld Hlth Org., Suppl. No. l, 56; 1978Google Scholar

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  • B. Cvjetanović
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  1. 1.Institute of ImmunologyZagrebYugoslavia

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