Siting of Regional Specialties

  • A. R. Shah
Part of the Lecture Notes in Medical Informatics book series (LNMED, volume 5)


The distribution of health care resources and their accessibility to patients is naturally an important consideration in any health care planning activity. Such consideration assumes even greater significance when one is concerned with central planning, for example, in relation to the siting of regional and sub-regional specialties.

This paper describes a siting study carried out in one of the health regions in the United Kingdom. The results obtained are based solely on the criterion of accessability of the existing sites in terms of travelling time. It is suggested that other important criteria such as availability of staff, demand for the health services and the costs associated with the health care sites should also be incorporated to make a more objective comparison of alternative strategies.

Although the aims of the study were to assist with the specific problem of siting regional specialties, the computer program developed is likely to be of general interest and applicable to other siting problems.


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  • A. R. Shah
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  1. 1.North-East Thames Regional Health Authority Management Services DivisionSt. Faith’s HospitalBrentwood. EssexEngland

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