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Assessment of Ambient Air Quality in an Urban Ecosystem

  • Matli Chandra Sekhar


Assessment of air quality has become very important for several reasons. Particulates are a major reason for complaints concerning air pollution as they are visible and offensive. Gaseous pollutants, especially from industries and auto-exhausts, also pose considerable discomfort especially in the urban areas (Kenneth, Warner 1976). Several methods of monitoring air quality are being used all over the world to assess the levels of pollutants in the ambient air (Sherwood 1970). In view of the problems associated with conventional monitoring, it is essential to locate suitable sampling sites for monitoring pollution and to evaluate suitable identifying parameters to indicate the sources of pollution and control the emissions (Liptak 1974). The southern states of India have been fortunate with respect to air pollution but there are several pockets where air pollution problems have already become critical. This is the appropriate time to take adequate measures to ensure that future urban industrial and vehicular growth does not result in serious environmental degradation. This calls for assessment of air quality in the urban ecosystem using the available air quality data. The present study aims to study the air quality of Hyderabad city based on the landuse pattern.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Matli Chandra Sekhar
    • 1
  1. 1.Water & Environment DivisionRegional Engineering CollegeWarangalIndia

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