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Ordovician Tidalites in the Unmetamorphosed Sedimentary Fill of the Brent Meteorite Crater,Ontario

  • F. W. Beales
  • G. P. Lozej


The term “tidal zone” as used here includes areas of the windtidal flat that are intermittently, perhaps only rarely, flooded by marine water. It is one of the most precisely definable bathymetric zones in a stratigraphic sequence, and we argue that this contention is further supported by our studies of the sedimentary fill of a terrestrial meteorite crater, the Brent Crater, Ontario (lat. 46°04′ N; long. 78º29′ W).


Tidal Flat Dolomitic Limestone Tidal Zone Crater Wall Desiccation Crack 
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  • F. W. Beales
  • G. P. Lozej

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