Neurosis, Normality and Psychosis

  • Michael Gossop


There has been little explicit discussion of what constitutes mental health, and although it is impossible to practise psychiatry or clinical psychology without some (usually implicit and unstated) concept or assumptions about normality, few clinicians seem to have had either the time or the inclination to give serious consideration to the concept of normality that underlies their work. In order to recognise abnormality we must have some notion of normality. The concept of normality is what philosophers would call parasiti; that is, it is dependent upon the existence of some distinction between normality and abnormality. But any attempt to specify what is meant by these terms leads immediately to considerable difficulties, and Aubrey Lewis has described the concept of mental health as ‘invincibly obscure’ (Lewis 1958).


Psychotic Disorder Discriminant Function Analysis External Reality Abnormal Psychology Psychotic Depression 
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