Chemistry of the adrenocortical steroids

  • James A. Moore
  • Erich Heftmann
Part of the Handbuch der Experimentellen Pharmakologie book series (HEP, volume 14 / 1)


The adrenocortical hormones are one of about eight more or less clearly-defined groups of steroid compounds, and historically are one of the most recent groups to be included in the steroid complex. In the past decade, however, they have become the focus of one of the most concerted and vigorous research efforts in modern organic chemistry, and a major part of the activity in steroid chemistry has been devoted to the adrenocortical hormones and their relatives. Before discussing the chemical aspects of adrenal steroids, which are of particular interest in this volume, it is necessary to summarize the basic features characteristic of steroid compounds in general. The outstanding treatise of Fieser and Fieser (1949, 1959), and the summaries of Lettré et al. (1954), Nazarow and Bergel’son (1955), Reuber et al. (1955), and Klyne (1957), are recommended for fuller discussions and references to the original literature. A more recent survey, with references to current reviews, has been prepared by Heftmann and Mosettig (1960).


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