The anatomy, chemistry, and physiology of adrenocortical tissue

  • Zielen Wendler Deane
Part of the Handbuch der Experimentellen Pharmakologie book series (HEP, volume 14 / 1)


In this chapter, first the normal anatomical and then the normal chemical properties of adrenocortical tissue in the various classes of vertebrates are summarized. In the anatomical section, enough material is now at hand to justify separate descriptions of the gland in the different classes of vertebrates. In the chemical section, no attempt is made to treat the classes separately, since almost all chemical study has been made on mammalian glands. The final section aims to survey what we now know about the function of the gland, both in the so-called “normal” state and when secretion of its several hormones is enhanced or depressed. In this section, functional alterations indicated by morphological and chemical methods will be described in addition to those determined by more traditional physiological techniques. Most of the last section also deals with mammals; a short subsection on non-mammalian classes is appended.


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