Corrective rhinoplasty

  • Hans Joachim Denecke
  • Rudolf Meyer


The basic incisions today are performed endonasally when possible. The endonasal approach was introduced by Roe in 1887 and propagated later by Joseph; before that time only external incisions were used, with the exception of Dieffenbach (quoted from Fritze and Reich, 1848). Today in purely corrective rhinoplasty an external incision is necessary only in rare cases. Of these we know the glabella incision, the incision through the eye brows, or at its edge (Fig. 70) the upper and lower lateral, the dorsal and the infralobular incisions (Fig. 39 a). In addition to these, there are the median columellar incision, the transverse basal columella incision, the transverse incision of Réthi between the anterior and middle thirds of the columella, and the incisions at the base of the alae (Fig. 39b) which are usually coupled with excisions.


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