High-Level Programming Support for Color/Graphics Reports

  • K. Saigusa
  • T. Takeshita
Part of the Springer Series in Information Sciences book series (SSINF, volume 6)


Color/graphics capabilities of interactive terminals vastly expand potential computer applications. However, programming to utilize them fully is much more complex and time-consuming than conventional report writers handling just numbers and texts.

Based on extensive experience in developing commercial applications and system/utility support for them using APL, SAIGUSA has developed easy-to-use, flexible user interfaces and supporting functions for generating programs and parametric data for drawing graphs of statistical data, simple figures (illustrations, diagrams, maps, company logos, etc.) represented by X and Y coordinates, and titles and other texts consisting of alphanumeric and Kanji characters of different sizes and for composing graphs, figures and titles into a single graphic report. In this development, he has tried to take best advantage of APL and to integrate a number of latest programming technologies.

The GDDM/PGF (Graphical Data Display Manager/Presentation Graphic Feature) is used as base software support which produces character and graphic images on the IBM 3279 color/graphics screen as specified by a set of commands given by a user program.


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  • T. Takeshita
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  1. 1.APL Support, Product MarketingIBM JapanShinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160Japan
  2. 2.Development No. 1, Software Development CenterIBM JapanMinatu-ku, Tokyo 107Japan

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