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Fao Cell Line as a Model for the Study of the Effect of Peroxisome Proliferators on Cellular Functions

  • C. Brocard
  • L. C. Ramirez
  • P. Bournot
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Peroxisomes have essential functions in lipid metabolism. They are involved in the ß-oxidation of a variety of compounds, the synthesis of cholesterol and bile acids, the synthesis of ether lipids, and several other pathways (for review, see [9, 15, 8]). A characteristic of peroxisomes in rodents is their proliferative response and the induction of fatty acid ß-oxidation enzymes upon treatment with several structurally unrelated chemicals, such as hypolipidemic drugs and plasticizers [6,7, 12, 10].


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  • C. Brocard
  • L. C. Ramirez
  • P. Bournot

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