The Morphological Method and a Priori Knowledge. The Magic Numbers

  • F. Zwicky


During the introductory discussions of this book attention was called to the fundamental aspects of the morphological method of analysis and of construction. It was pointed out that this method is applicable to all of those human problems which can be formulated within the realm of communicable truth. It was also mentioned that with the aid of the morphological approach fruitful results have already been achieved in the fields of scientific research and of engineering invention. Furthermore, the broad claim was made that morphologically planned thinking and action offers the most universal answer yet given to the problems proposed and investigated by the philosophers of all ages in their efforts at building up systems of logics, of ethics and of esthetics. While the great thinkers of many cultures have contributed immeasurably to the ultimate liberation of the human mind from the shackles imposed upon it by fear, ignorance, intolerance and prejudice, the influence of their teachings has not always been free from detrimental effects. Many undesirable consequences of philospohical doctrines of the past have had their origin in the mistaken belief that certain absolute truths had been achieved, followed by crusades to force the general acceptance of these imagined truths.


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