Morphological Astronomical Kaleidoscope

  • F. Zwicky


The final goal of morphological research is the exploration of the facts and of the laws of nature as well as the evolution of a spiritual and of a material way of life optimally suited for the realisation of the genius of man. In my Halley Lecture at Oxford in 1948 I attempted to sketch what astronomy could contribute toward this goal. The present book was meant to be an elaboration of the original sketch. As visualized in the Halley Lecture I set out to construct a monument and to carve out its major and its minor facets in order to make it as complete and as balanced as an artist’s sculpture. Needless to say the continuity of the work was all too often interrupted by the vicissitudes of time such as sickness, the occupation with problems of cold and of hot wars as well as with the damages wrought by them. Also it seemed sometimes that, whenever I was at work on one side of the monument, destructive forces were busy on the other side, laying obstacles in the way of progress and occasinally mutilating or destroying already completed facets. Thus, in spite of the beneficial assistance from many helping hands the edifice visualized in the Halley Lecture has not been completed. There are, however, some of the parts of the whole enterprise which have progressed sufficiently to be presently integrated into the whole.


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