Other Approaches: Elements of a Skepticism

  • Bernard d’Espagnat


As we have seen, neither realism as conceived by Einstein, nor its antithesis, the philosophy of experience, is ultimately satisfactory. On examination, it turns out that neither one can fit the constraints that arise from the facts and those entailed by our legitimate demands for explanations beyond mere descriptions. But—some will stress—these are not the only possible points of view. Even if many existing pseudo-doctrines (which merely throw dust in the eyes) are discarded at the outset (as quite obviously they should be), science still presumably suggests, and philosophy definitely propounds, a variety of other approaches. Among all these, could we not at least find one that would simultaneously take into account all the constraints mentioned previously? Could it not even be the case that there exists precisely one of them which any impartial mind would consider correct?


Quantum Theory Independent Reality Elementary Particle Physic Logical Contradiction Dialectical Materialism 
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