Tabelle zur Bestimmung der Frequenz des Herzschlages

  • Arnold Huttmann


Der nachfolgenden Tabelle liegt die in Mitteleuropa gebräuchlichste Zeitschreibung zugrunde. Bei dieser beträgt die Zeit zwischen zwei Ordinaten 1/20 Sekunde (= 0,05″). Bei Elektrokardiographen mit anderer Zeitschreibung (0,02, 0,04 oder 0,1 Sekunden) ist Tabelle 3 zu verwenden.

Puls Rate Schedule


The following schedule is based on the commonest timing used in Central-Europe, marking intervals of one twentieth of one second (0,05 second). For electrocardiographs with another timing (0,02, 0,04 or 0,1 second) see schedule 3. To determine the heart rate you have to measure but the interval R-R or any other corresponding segment with a pair of compasses and to count the vertical lines starting from a fixed ordinate, after which you just read off the puls rate appearing near the above found number of vertical lines. For the sake of greater precision even fractions of intervals between two vertical lines have been considered in as much as: one quarter, one half, and three quarters, of the interval. With a pair of compasses these fractions are easily to be determined even by the naked eye, increasing the precision of time-measurement.

Tableau des fréquences des pulsations cardiaques


Ce tableau est basé sur la chronographie de 0,05 sec., employée le plus souvent dans l’Europe Centrale. Dans cette chronographie le temps entre deux ordonnées représente 1/20 seconde (0,05 sec.). En se servant des appareils ayant une autre chronographie (0,02, 0,04 ou 0,1 sec.), on va employer le tableau 3.


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