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  • A. A. Grau
  • U. Hill
  • H. Langmaack
Part of the Die Grundlehren der mathematischen Wissenschaften book series (GL, volume 137)


The principles discussed in chapters 1–6 are here applied to and illustrated by a formally described translator which can serve as model for Algol translators. This translator system may be regarded as part of an interpreting system whose functions will include
  1. a)

    Reading of Algol programs from an external medium into a certain machine storage area.

  2. b)

    Syntax check; this means recognizing and reporting violations of the syntactical rules of Algol and moreover correcting them in such a way that further syntax checking is possible.

  3. c)

    Translation of Algol programs into the machine language or a symbolic code as target language.

  4. d)

    Execution of generated programs.

  5. e)

    Post-mortem organization.

  6. f)

    Output of generated programs for use in program libraries.



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