Die Terminologie der „Generalisierten Tendomyopathie“

  • H. Mathies
Conference paper


The disease “generalized tendomyopathy” had has been called by many names in the past. Not infrequently this disease is equated with the superior collective term “soft tissue rheumatism”, which seems too inclusive, considering the numerous diseases of soft tissues. “Fibrositis” or “fibrositis syndrome” suggest only a primary inflammatory disease; “fibromyalgia”, in the literal sense, suggests pain of the muscle fibers, “algia” is more appropriately replaced by “pathy” because of the arrangement used in classifications. Furthermore, the afflicted structures should enter into the designation of the disease. In this respect, the term “myotendopathy” or “tendomyopathy” is recommended. It has to be discussed if the adjective “generalized” should be replaced by “polytopical” (or “multilocular”) because the clinical picture is never really generalized. For many years, we have called this clinical picture “polytopic insertion tendopathy” to characterize the predominant localization of pain. The present author accepts the term “tendomyopathy”, but personally prefers “polytope (or multilocular) Tendomyopathy” rather than “generalized”. That the term “Syndrome” seems to be eliminated is a welcome fact; because this disease is not a syndrome in the truest sense of the original Greek.


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