Die Erfassung der Druckpunkte bei generalisierter Tendomyopathie (Fibromyalgie)

  • J. Lautenschläger


Moldofsky, in 1970, was the first to use a dolorimeter in order to evaluate tender points in generalized tendomyopathy (GTM/fibromyalgia). However, not until the 1980s was the method regularly applied for diagnosis, as well as for controlling the effects of therapy.

Using manual evaluation the pressure applied on these points may vary considerably. With this method it is possible to measure more exactly the pressure pain threshold at definite points. Measuring 100 patients and 50 healthy subjects with a dolorimeter, we determined sensitivity and specificity.

Up to now, different tender points have been proposed, but in general, there was no common agreement about these locations; also, the number of positive points is still under discussion. The dolorimeter offers a good discrimination, but also there must be a good distribution over the body in order to elucidate the generalized character of this disease. In order to achieve sufficient results for comparison it is important to be able to easily localize the points.


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