Ergebnisse der Ballonaufstiege zur Messung der kosmischen Strahlung in Weissenau und Lindau

  • Hermann Erbe
Part of the Mitteilungen aus dem Max-Planck-Institut für Aeronomie book series (AERONOMIE, volume 6)


The results of 10 balloon flights with counter telescopes and of 24 flights with single counters are represented. When only galactic radiation invades at the top of the atmosphere there Is a clear relation between the counting rate in a certain hight and the counting rate of the neutron monitor at the ground station. In this case the relative variations below the Pfotzermaximum are equal for both, the telescope and the single counter, if the middle effective layer of air above the two detectors is equal. As to the single counter more important fluctuations are to be seen above the Pfotzermaximum which are likely to derive from the fact that the effective layer of air cannot be determined with sufficient exactitude and the growing of the influence of decay for the longer inclined paths.


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