Soil and Litter Community: Temporary Dwellers

  • Clifford S. Crawford


The most obvious invertebrates on the floor of the desert are usually ants and beetles, and although these insects contribute significantly to the taxonomic array and ecological importance of that habitat’s temporary fauna, many other kinds of invertebrates add to its composition as well. All of the temporary dwellers are transients on the surface, where they consist either of dispersal stages of otherwise relatively immobile species (e.g., solitary bees, asilid flies, adult and triungulin instars of meloid beetles), or of mobile members of nonmetamorphosing species (e.g., snails, solifugids, crickets). Less restricted to soil than nematodes and microarthropods, these usually nonsocial animals encounter new conditions when and if they leave the confines of the soil. And, once on its surface, they often exploit resources quite different from those utilized underground.


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