On the Onset of Nonsteadiness in the Flows with Vortex Breakdown in a Cylindrical Container

  • N. Tsitverblit
  • E. Kit
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In the experiment by Escudier (1984), the appearance of vortex breakdown in a cylindrical container has been accompanied by the onset of axisymmetric oscillations, when the Reynolds number was increased within a wide range of the aspect ratios. In this work, we emphasize that this axisymmetric instability can arise from the region of the negative Rayleigh discriminant near the cylindrical wall rather than is associated with the presence of vortex breakdown in the approaching steady solution. In view of indications of the presence of three-dimensional instability, the result appears to be corroborative of the hypothesis promulgated by Leibovich (1984) and Leibovich & Kribus (1990) about the primary role of nonaxisymmetric instability in the flows with vortex breakdown.


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  • N. Tsitverblit
    • 1
  • E. Kit
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  1. 1.Tel-Aviv UniversityTel-AvivIsrael

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