Quality-of-Life Considerations in the Adjuvant Setting: Critical Review

  • A. Coates
Part of the Recent Results in Cancer Research book series (RECENTCANCER, volume 127)


This session combined theoretical and practical considerations relevant to the measurement of quality of life (QL) in the setting of adjuvant therapy and preventive trials in breast cancer. Perhaps more importantly, by its very inclusion it underlined the importance attached to the concept of QL in clinical trials and clinical practice. In adjuvant therapy, and still more in preventive interventions, the woman who undertakes more or less toxic treatment does so in the hope of future gain. In neither case does the patient have discernible disease at the time that therapy is used; thus any morbidity incurred can be compensated only by delay of disease or death. Where alternative strategies for the pursuit of such benefits are being compared, it is important to measure the impact of each on QL.


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