WBH and Ionizing Irradiation

  • Michel Gautherie
Part of the Clinical Thermology book series (CLIN THERM)


Preclinical in vitro and in vivo studies suggest that hyperthermia enhances the sensitivity of tumor cells to ionizing irradiation at temperatures consistent with ~42°C WBH (Belli and Bointi 1963; Ben-Hur and Elkind 1974; Ben-Hur et al. 1972, 1974; Cater et al. 1964; Gerweck et al. 1975; Henle and Leeper 1976; Kim, JH et al. 1974; Overgaard and Overgaard 1972; Robinson and Wizenberg 1974). Conceptually this phenomenon could result from the cumulative effects of at least four distinct processes.


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