Primary Repair of Acute Ruptures

  • G. Blatter
  • F. B. Sprenger
  • P. Burkart


Until a few years ago, primary suture repair of the torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) without augmentation was the accepted mode of treatment for an acute rupture. Poor long-term results, published increasingly in the 1970s, caused surgeons to abandon this technique. Recently, however, there have been several reports of arthroscopic repair or reattachment of the ACL without an augmentation procedure. Based on a follow-up study of 40 patients 10 years after ACL repair without augmentation, we shall demonstrate the inadequacy of this treatment and compare the results with those of 47 patients who underwent both repair and augmentation.


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  • G. Blatter
  • F. B. Sprenger
  • P. Burkart

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